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Developed by healthcare professionals

To reveal the potential of your profession

The iKinesis Lab is an innovative tool that allows health and sports professionals to collect data from their patients and athletes directly in their professional interface.


The professional can thus access the racing data of his patients or athletes from any device connected to the internet. It benefits from the iKinesis solution to analyze, interpret and provide personalized advice.

The iKinesis Lab is therefore a complete and intelligent solution for analyzing running, measuring progress and remotely supervising patients or athletes. It is aimed at health professionals who wish to develop their practice and offer quality service to their runners.

The connected biomechanics laboratory

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Supervision & tracking of the runner

Facilitates the supervision and monitoring of the runner by accessing their analyzes and allows them to observe their progress and the evolution of their technique;

Runner’s Stress Areas

Determines the areas of the body most used and the risk factors for injury for better care for the runner.

Data reliability

The iKinesis Lab provides objective and reliable analysis of running, requiring neither camera nor observer, avoiding any behavioral bias

Remote continuity of care

The iKinesis Lab allows the implementation of personalized programs remotely thanks to instantaneous sharing of analyses.

1. Runner’s equipment

Equip your patient with an iKinesis Kapsule and download the iKinesis smartphone application from the Appstore for iOS or from the PlayStore for Android.

2. Run data acquisition

Have your patient run in your practice or at home from a few minutes to several hours. Don't hesitate to run several times.

3. Get access to the iKinesis Lab

Access the iKinesis Lab via a web browser at the following address: Once connected, you will be able to view all the activities of your patients or athletes.

4. Evaluation, optimization, supervision 

Interpret data with the help of iKinesis AI and support your patients and athletes with adapted programs;

The Lab in 4 steps


Running analysis helps improve technique, performance, injury prevention and the well-being of runners.


Gait analysis makes it possible to optimize walking performance, safety and comfort, as well as to offer therapeutic solutions adapted to the needs and objectives of patients.

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Discover the activities analyzed by the iKinesis ecosystem

Get access to the Lab

From the browser of your computer or tablet.

The iKinesis Lab is incompatible with smartphone browsers

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