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Connected running analysis laboratory

Benefit from a 100% objective analysis by collecting running data in your Lab

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The iKinesis Solution

By health and sports professionals for prevention and performance

The iKinesis Lab

Lab iKinesis is an innovative software package that enables health and sports professionals to monitor and analyze the kinematics of their patients' or athletes' movements, by centralizing all data in a single interface.

Connected to the runner's application, the Lab iKinesis provides objective and reliable data on performance and health, enabling supervision anywhere, anytime.

The iKinesis Kapsule

The Kapsule iKinesis is the combination of a high-precision sensor with a dedicated smartphone application.

Developed to supervise the user through precise and objective analysis and biofeedback.


Together, they form a running assessment tool with more than 30 parameters to identify the most stressed areas of the body.


Running analysis helps improve technique, performance, injury prevention and the well-being of runners.


Gait analysis makes it possible to evaluate and optimize movement, prevent the risk of falling and improve the comfort of walkers. 

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Discover the activities analyzed by the iKinesis ecosystem

Optimize your support

Carry out complete and personalized assessments thanks to an active interpretation of the running movement.

Increase your follow-up efficiency

Access all iKinesis data in a web interface and follow runners in real time, remotely or in person.

Develop new skills

Enrich your knowledge with intelligent analysis of running movements.

Prevent Injuries

A nomadic biomechanical laboratory that determines the most stressed areas of the body for better care of patients and athletes.

Be anywhere, anytime

Stay in touch with your patients and runners wherever you are with the iKinesis Lab.

Diversify your professional activity

Make the most of new expertise, thanks to the continuity of remote care offered by iKinesis.

With the iKinesis Lab,

reveal your professional potential

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iKinesis, the analysis, prevention and supervision solution

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